Minivue – Minimalist Starter Project for Vue.


So recently I encountered some tests that requires me to create a small project quickly. It was a test from to create some kind of web components.

My choice falls on Vue, which I had been using extensively when I am working with my Laravel projects.

Unfortunately, the starter project for Vue is filled with some extra stuffs that I don’t need, and most of the time I use Laravel Mix for compiling my assets, so I ended up using Laravel to create that supposedly small project.

I have a relatively slow internet connection, and the only template I had locally was Laravel. Even sometimes downloading start project could took 3-5 mins.

Considering that I might need my own starter project for my own development, I decided to create a super minimalist starter project and share with everyone in case they encounter the same thing.

Minivue – A super simple starter project for Vue. In fact, it only uses vue vue-template-compiler css-loader vue-loaderand webpack package.


With only those few packages, you can already utilize Single File Components for Vue and start working with it.

Go clone and fork it, it is licensed under MIT License. I hope it helps others to start their web project that utilize Vue.

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